"Styling Landscape 2016" в Италии

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В 2016 году состоится ведущее мероприятие для питомников и ландшафтной индустрии, призванное объединить усилия ландшафтных дизайнеров и производителей посадочного материала для сохранения великолепных старых садов Италии и DSC_2182всего мира и для создания новых великолепных объектов. В преддверии этого события Италия ежегодно приглашает журналистов из Европы для знакомства с ведущими питомниками и лучшими ландшафтными архитекторами. Статьи и обзоры по результатам поездки в Италии читайте на нашем сайте. (Первый репортаж — о провинции Пистоя и о вилле Gazoni).

Waiting for “Styling Landscape 2016”
Toscana Promozione – Chamber of Commerci of Pistoia — Province of Pistoia
9 to 12 December 2014
«Styling Landscape», the event that renews the comparison between the producers of ornamental plants and landscape designers and DSC_2490DSC_2210experts, organized every three years in Pistoia, starting from 2007 to 2013, promoted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia and the Province of Pistoia, with the contribution of Regione Toscana and the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia, in collaboration with the National Association of Managers and Technicians for Public Gardens and the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture, has over the years become the reference point for all the international world linked to the production of green and to landscape design.
From the viewpoint of these issues, related to quality of life, and in view of Expo 2015 to be held in Italy in Milan next year, we thought it would have been useful to organize a seminar of knowledge and preparation devoted exclusively to experts in the sector of green landscape in the different application fields such as the technical one, the spreading of information and planning, in Pistoia; in order to examine directly the on-site nursery production and the application for the landscape. This is currently possible in the Agricultural and Ornamental – Nursery District as well as in the Floriculture District located respectively in Pistoia and Pescia — Lucca.DSC_2232
DSC_2273To this end, we will be inviting journalists, Italian and European landscape experts and architects that can in this way make contact and get to know directly the Tuscan green production of excellence, concentrated especially in the territory of Pistoia, stimulating the knowledge of production activities located in Tuscany. All this, in view of dissemination for Expo 2015 and for the preparation and dissemination of the fourth edition of “Styling Landscape” which will be held in June 2016. In the days of incoming, participants will visit the new worldwide collection of medicinal plants, floricultural productions, citrus, olive oil and ornamental-nursery of the whole province, and they to make contact with operators, engineers and researchers working in the area.
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